A client application must be authenticated to access the GeoPerks API. If successful, this call returns a session ID to the client application. The session ID is used for all other GeoPerks API calls. If the session ID has expired, the client application should make this call again.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
app_id* STRING App ID for GeoPerk, obtained from GeoPerk’s portal.
app_key* STRING App key for GeoPerk, obtained from GeoPerk’s portal.
* Parameter is required.

Example Request

Response Parameters

Parameter Description
e "true" if there is an error. "false" if no error.
m Message from the server.
d Data - a dictionary with name value pairs.
d.sid The session ID assigned by GeoPerks.

Example Response

"m": "", 
"e": false, 
"d": {
	"sid": "720c5df424b337ce69fc82e9f53601a2"